iStock_000003455087XSmallThe DUT ("Diplôme Universitaire Technologique") is a two-year university degree in chemistry but, unlike any other university degree in chemistry, our programme mainly aims at preparing our undergraduate students to employment upon graduation. Our degree is taught in 4 semestres. Students who fulfill the requirements for graduation are awarded 120 ECTS credits after their two years at the Institute of Technology (30 ECTS/semester).

In a typical week, students will have lectures, coursework sessions and 4- to 8-hour-long lab sessions. As a result, our students are full-time students and are in class and lab between 27 hours and 35 hours per week.

A key feature of our course is the emphasis that is put on practical "hands-on" experience in laboratory so that students can extend their knowledge beyond core techniques and learn in-depth aspects of instrumental analytical chemistry on a given topic for example.

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